Future Forest Bliss – rhubarb, raspberry & mango. Design: Annika Nordenskiöld.

Let’s make kombucha more fun, by not approaching it from the health perspective. For our first series of flavours, we took the craft route. Lots of fruits! Cans designed by Swedish artists we already loved.

Dark Berry Awareness – blueberry & boisenberry. Design: Per Gustafsson.

Launched in can in July 2019, only 8 weeks after conception of the idea. We opted to not work with a distributor, and instead do sales and deliveries by ourself. Lots of yoga studios, curious bars and of course hip markets like Urban Deli has been selling the first ~3000 liters. First batch is sold out, now we’re eagerly awaiting summer time when Sweden starts buying beverages again… I’m hoping to do a kombucha spritzer food truck. We’ll see.

Luscious Fruit Lunatic – Papaya & lime. Design: Mike Lekström