Stupid Hackathon Sweden

Stupid Hackathon Sweden is the local leg of an international movement of fun and unexpected hackathons for makers and weirdos. Since 2017 (and still going), this event has attracted around 70 people each year. Makers, astrophysicists, artists, designers, textile professionals and many more have showed up to create useless things that nobody asked for.

Amazing projects include the touch activated blender, a large hadron collider for meatballs, a shy security camera, a cryptocurrency based on a Swedish fika and much more.

A version of Stupid Hackathon has also been held in other settings, for instance at Diplomacy Camp in Brussels, together with the Swedish Ministry of Foregin Affairs. Here the focus has been of showcasing a different approach to creative problem solving rather than a proper hackathon. The method can be reverse engineered to almost any setting.

I’ve set up this hackathon at the office of Earth People, hosted by them and sponsored by a variety of brands; Teenage Engineering, Mathem, Comviq, Halebop, And The Revolution and Cloudnet.