I’m Peder and I’m a generalist.

Use me as a catalyst. Project manager for seemingly undoable projects. I’m easygoing, flexible and don’t mind doing the grunt work, i.e. driving, carrying equipment, fixing sponsorships, setting up servers, leading remote tech teams and handling event people. I can work on an hourly rate, for a fixed price every uhm Thursday or on longer projects.

I know myself pretty well and maintaining is not my strong side. But I’m great at starting new things. These things can be concert series, hackathons, digital installations, collaborative goat yoga or kombucha brewing. And I help tech startups with the tech. My expertise lies in making stuff I love happen.

Some things I’m extra much into at the moment:
– Yoga/movement/meditation
– Servers and pragmatic cloud solutions
– Minimal techno and post classical music
– Group dynamics and how to make people work together
– Non religious ceremonies
– Dogs

Some things I’ve done in the past:
– All the stuff on /projects
– I co-founded and ran the digital agency Earth People up until April 2019

I’m based in Stockholm, currently work as Head of product on The Train Brain based at SUP46 at WeWork. And founded the kombucha brand Kalejdoskop.